Samantha Russo

Founder, UnBroken

Samantha Russo is a Clinical Social Worker (LMSW/ACSW) based in Los Angeles, CA. She identifies as a Survivor of Institutional Abuse and Conversion Therapy. She has been recognized by several articles for her work with this population, and most recently selected as a finalist for Forbes 30 under 30. Samantha works as a Clinical Therapist by day, and as an advocate/activist by night. Samantha's dream is to put an end to this epidemic.

Samantha started UnBroken to raise awareness about Institutional Abuse and Conversion Therapy. Since the age of 16, Samantha has volunteered and worked with the GLBTQ community, both as an advocate and as a mental health practitioner. Samantha's work has resulted in parents pulling their adolescents out of institutions, the creation of support networks for vulnerable survivors, and growth of the survivor community through networking.