Robert Algeri

Partner & Co-Founder, Great Jakes

Robert is a co-founder of Great Jakes and responsible for ensuring that Great Jakes consistently exceeds the expectations of its clients. He personally attends to each client engagement and is especially active during the project’s discovery and strategy phases, to help ensure that each client’s vision is realized.

Years of experience working with law firms led Robert and his business partner, Dion Algeri, to introduce the “attorney microsite”— a new paradigm for law firm websites that has garnered a tremendous amount of attention. Its premise is simple: no two attorneys are the same. Small, highly customizable websites for each that fit seamlessly within the firm’s larger website allow attorneys to customize their message and better distinguish themselves in the eyes of potential clients.

In addition to his responsibilities at Great Jakes, Robert is an active member of the legal marketing community, having held numerous board and committee positions in the LMA over the years. Most recently, he served as co-chair of the LMA International Technology committee and serving as a judge for the 2015 and 2016 Your Honor Awards. This year he has the honor of being co-chair of the 2017 Your Honor Awards.

Robert is also an accomplished writer, and his ideas about the future of the law firm website can be found at the Great Jakes Blog. He has also authored multiple articles for publications like LMA’s Strategies Magazine, ALM’s Marketing the Law Firm and the National Law Journal.