Richard Cohen

Founder & Managing Partner, Goldberg Segalla

Richard J. Cohen, a founding partner of Goldberg Segalla, has been the firm’s managing partner since its inception and has led its dynamic growth from a team of seven attorneys into one of the largest law firms headquartered in the United States. Rick oversees all of the firm’s operations across a footprint that reaches from Los Angeles to London, and is responsible for developing and implementing the firm’s strategic direction, driving its geographic expansion, and cultivating leadership within the firm and throughout the greater business community. Law360 noted Rick’s uniquely successful approach to long-range strategic planning when it recognized Goldberg Segalla as the fastest-growing law firm in the U.S. — while workplace culture awards in nearly every state and region where the firm operates attest to his ability to keep the course he and the other Goldberg Segalla co-founders set in 2001.