Patricia K. Gillette

Keynote Speaker & Author, Bringing Audiences to Life

Pat (Patricia) Gillette is one of the country’s leading experts on gender diversity and equality in the workplace. As a top rated trial lawyer and leading author, Ms. Gillette’s illustrious career has focused on solving the most critical business issues of Fortune 500 clients by strategizing and implementing paradigm shifts in company culture and management. Because Ms. Gillette is herself a successful business person, rising to the top levels of management in the firms and companies for whom she has worked, she speaks with authority and conviction to all levels of employees, from CEOs to sales people to managers.

In her presentations and writings, Ms. Gillette identifies ways in which organizations can drive results from every employee. She focuses her messages on how to succeed in the high powered, fast paced business environment of today. Relying on research studies she commissioned as well as her charismatic style, Ms. Gillette is able to inspire audiences to think differently about the way they can realize their personal and business goals.

Ms. Gillette also recognizes the uneven playing field for women and minorities. Rather than complain about the inequities, she focuses her speeches on how individuals and corporations can overcome these challenges. For individuals, she presents practical tips to address common obstacles to success like fear of failure, imposter syndrome, the confidence gap, self-promotion, and presentation style. For companies, she points to practical and workable solutions to confront institutional barriers facing women and minorities: implicit bias, the pay gap, lack of opportunity, candid and helpful feedback, and changes in workplace structures.

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