Ibie Falcusan

Vice President & Chief Export Counsel, Honeywell Aerospace

Ibie Falcusan is the Vice President and Chief Export Counsel for Honeywell Aerospace. She leads Honeywell Aerospace’s comprehensive export compliance strategy, serves as the lead export lawyer for the Aerospace organization, and manages a direct team of over 40 Honeywell export compliance personnel around the globe. Prior to taking her current position, Ibie lived in Washington, DC and served as the General Counsel of Honeywell Technology Solutions Inc., then a wholly-owned separately incorporated subsidiary of Honeywell International Inc. During her tenure as HTSI General Counsel, Falcusan also served as an Assistant General Counsel Defense & Space supporting Honeywell Aerospace’s Missiles and Munitions and Advanced Technology businesses, as well as leading the legal cyber strategy.

Prior to joining Honeywell, Falcusan was an attorney in private practice. As a private-sector lawyer she focused her practice in commercial litigation, government contracts defense, and corporate labor and employment issues.

Ibie received her J.D. from Georgetown University Law Center.