Horacio Gutierrez

Horacio Gutierrez, General Counsel and Vice President of Legal and Corporate Affairs

Horacio Gutierrez is the Spotify Group’s general counsel and vice president of legal and corporate affairs, based in Spotify USA’s headquarters in New York City. As such, Horacio is responsible for overseeing Spotify’s global legal, regulatory, and government affairs and serves as corporate secretary to its board of directors. In addition, he heads Spotify’s global licensing function, a business function responsible for commercial licensing activities with record labels, music publishers, performance rights organizations, and other right holders around the world.

Horacio came to Spotify having spent over 17 years at Microsoft Corporation, most recently as general counsel and corporate vice president for legal affairs. He brings a rich multi-cultural perspective as well as extensive international professional experience, having lived and worked in the United States, Europe, and Latin America. While at Microsoft, Horacio worked in a variety of international roles, including four years leading the legal and corporate affairs team in Europe. He then spent eight years as the deputy general counsel responsible for innovation, intellectual property, and licensing before becoming deputy general counsel for all of Microsoft’s products and services, including product research, engineering, strategy, and marketing groups.